Bring Out The Natural Charm of Your Yard With These Tree and Shrub Lighting Ideas

Using your shrub and trees for your outdoor lighting design will give your landscape a natural touch for its nighttime look. Moreover, you avoid having a linear-looking landscape with the added dynamic of your trees being part of your nighttime view. Here are a few tree and shrub lighting ideas to add to the overall outdoor lighting design plan of your garden.

Use moonlighting to set the mood for your yard

Moonlighting is a downlighting technique that recreates the appearance of how moonlight looks on your lawn. The fixture is placed up in the tree and shines soft light down the lawn. Natural-looking silhouettes are created by passing the light through the leaves and branches of the tree.

Keep in mind that using moonlighting will affect what light you will use for the rest of your outdoor lights. The recommended color temperature for this is around 2700K to 3000K. Your other lights should have a color temperature that goes well with this.

Use silhouetting on your shrubs

Silhouetting is a lighting technique that has fixtures placed between a shrub and a wall. With the light fixture pointed towards the wall, the light bounces off it and creates a silhouette of the shrubs.

This technique helps bring the house into the design by lighting its walls and giving the viewer a visual boundary for the yard. Moreover, the shrub’s silhouette against the bright wall provides a contrasting element for the illuminated features in the yard and creates a more dynamic sight for the design.

Uplight your trees

Uplighting is the best way to get the trees in your yard to become part of its nighttime look. For effective uplighting, the fixture should be placed at the base of the tree’s trunk. The light should point upwards to where the tree starts branching out and the bottom of the tree’s crown.

Hang a few lanterns under your trees

Lanterns are great decorative light fixtures. You can use it as accent lighting if it would fit with the other lights in your yard, especially those applied on trees. Just make sure that you are using a shielded light fixture to prevent the light from glaring into your neighbor’s windows.

Use string lights on your shrubs and trees

String lights are not just for the holidays. These are great decorative lights to put up on the tree and adorn the shrubs in your garden. However, you might have to tone it down a bit since you do not want your yard to actually look like it's Christmas.

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