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Franklin, Tennessee, is a unique place for music lovers since this is where several artists, like Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift, made their start. You will also find Main Street – one of the most beautiful downtown areas in the country. There are also whiskey distilleries along a 70-mile-long trail known as the Master and Maker’s Trail where you will find original and different iterations of Tennessee’s famous whiskey. And, if you happen to prefer beer or wine, you will find small breweries and vineyards in or around the city that make these with their unique taste.

Many homeowners have outdoor lighting in Franklin, TN. Whether this is for security, safety, or aesthetic purposes, you will find residences and businesses with outdoor fixtures shining a light on various areas of the property. However, they have to follow some rules since the city is committed to preserving a look for Franklin, especially at Main Street and its vicinity.

Outdoor lighting rules are nothing new for any city. After all, nobody wants to live where your neighbors are shining lights on your house or causing light pollution in the area. Although this restricts your options, you still have several outdoor fixture options to enhance your home’s safety, security, and appeal.

We Design And Install Your Outdoor Lighting!

We offer the following services for both residential and commercial properties:

  • General outdoor lighting
  • Curb appeal lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Porch lighting
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Arbor lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Special display lighting
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Colored lighting displays
  • Signage lighting

Why We Are Your Best Choice!


We take the design, installation, and repair of outdoor lighting seriously. You have our guarantee that you will receive professional service from us.

Licensed and insured

Our license as a contractor gives us proof of our credibility as service providers in the community. You will also have no problems with any damages that our workers and your property might incur while providing our services.

Local company

We are a small business. This means we only have residents and businesses from Williamson county and nearby cities as our potential customers. Because of this, we treat each customer with our best service.


We do not charge excessively for our services. You will have no problems paying for our outdoor lighting solutions.

Quality outdoor lighting services

We are proof that you do not need to pay an expensive price to get good service.

How To Choose An Outdoor Lighting Contractor

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You can find good lighting contractors online from the various reviews their previous customers wrote about them.

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Licensed and insured

Anything can happen at a work site. Hiring a licensed outdoor lighting contractor goes a long way in covering possible damages on your property.

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You need to hire contractors who know what they are doing. Do not get contractors who are untested or new in the business.

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Quality of work

You need to know that an outdoor lighting contractor can create and install great lighting fixtures even before hiring them. Check what they did for their previous clients and see if you like their work.

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An outdoor lighting contractor should be confident with their service and their fixtures. Nothing expresses this confidence more than warranty coverage for their services and installed light fixtures.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Lighting


Not all light fixtures are equal. Each of these has an intended purpose. Some are suitable for providing general lighting while some are more suitable for only ambient, accent, or security lighting.


The location that needs lighting will affect your options. For example, if it is next to a wall, you can use a wall fixture in lighting this area. If you brighten up an open area, your choices will probably be limited to floodlights, light bollards, or light posts.


The light fixture should go well with the size of the fence, door, window, or post near it. Generally, it should not be taller than a third of the door or window beside it. If it is on a fence or post, the light fixture should not exceed a quarter of its height.


With moderately humid summers and wet winters in Franklin, the best materials for your fixtures are brass and copper for their corrosion resistance.

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You do not need to look anywhere else for your outdoor lighting needs. You can get everything you need from Outdoor Lighting of Franklin, TN, at a quality that other contractors will find hard to beat. And, we offer our services at a price that you can afford.

Whether you need residential or commercial outdoor lighting, we are the best contractor for your needs. We can also assess, repair, and replace your existing outdoor lights to ensure that you have the best lighting that your home or business can get. Contact us today for an appointment with our outdoor lighting designers and technicians.

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