Campus Lighting: Best Practices For Safety And Security

It does not matter what time of the day or night it is – all students, faculty, and staff should always feel safe on campus. There should be no poorly lit areas because these places present a great risk for accidents and crime. This is why campus administrators need to prioritize the installation of adequate lighting and proper maintenance of any existing lighting systems. Here are the best practices for making the school safer with a campus lighting system.

Make The Campus Safer With Outdoor Lighting

A campus should always be safe and secure for anyone in it and one of the ways to ensure these is through outdoor lighting. Moreover, with the best practices, a campus can save on utilities and maintenance while also making it a more appealing place.

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Different Types of Icicle Lights


Use LED lights

Schools can save on their electricity and maintenance costs by using LEDs for their campus lighting. With the amount they save, school and college administrators could allocate more funding for more lights in areas with no lighting installed or with inadequate lighting systems.


Prioritize creating a safe and secure campus

School administrators need to prioritize safety and security when designing the lighting system for the campus. Any ideas for accent and decorative lighting should only be considered after installing a proper ambient and security lighting for their school.


Use Light Fixtures Suitable for the Area

A well-designed outdoor lighting system for safety and security uses several types of light fixtures throughout a property. The light fixtures chosen are those that will deliver the best value for lighting in the area.


Use a Single Color Temperature for the Whole Campus

There should only be a single color temperature for the ambient lighting of the whole campus. If one area will have warm lights, the whole campus should only use warm lights. This goes the same way if cool lighting will be installed for ambient lighting.


Limit Character Lighting To The Appropriate Places

Lights can also be used to add appeal to the campus through accent lighting. Although it is not a priority when safety and security are the concerns, it should still be a consideration if there is a budget for it. However, accent lighting should only be limited to places where it is appropriate.


Never set campus lighting on a timer

The important areas of the campus should have 24/7 visibility. This means the campus lighting should turn on at sundown and turn off at sunrise.

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