How To Add Appeal To Your Home With Safety And Pathway Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes your yard a safer place to move around. But, outdoor lights can do more than brighten your garden’s paths and uneven surfaces. It can also provide added appeal by highlighting features of your home or creating interesting sights with lighting effects. It also sets the atmosphere depending on how the light looks and how it bounces off a surface. So, instead of simply installing the brightest light, apply the steps in this guide to make functional outdoor lights double as accent lighting for your garden.

Limit The Use Of Light

Less is more when installing light fixtures for your outdoor spaces. You do not want to place too many on your property. It will not only give your garden an unflattering sight. But, it will also cause a nuisance in your area with how much light pollution you are producing.

You want to space your area and path fixtures at least 10 feet apart. This will give your path and landscaping separate pools of light that look better than a constant stream of illumination for your garden. If it lights up a large diameter, you will need to space the fixtures further apart or lower the light fixture to create the effect.

You also need to stagger the placement of your path lighting for a more appealing look. This creates a better sense of balance and prevents your paths from looking like the runway of an airport.

Aside from the placement and number of light fixtures, you also need to moderate the brightness of your safety and pathway lighting. You do not need a bright light for effective safety and pathway lighting. Subtle outdoor lighting is enough for your home’s outdoor spaces and looks better than glaring white lights on your property.

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Identify Areas That Need Lighting

You need to determine the areas where you need safety and pathway lighting. These include any walkways, paths, steps, and stairs in your yard. Aside from these, shifts in elevation or sloping surfaces in your garden also need adequate lighting to prevent accidents from occurring.


Look For Features Or Textures To Highlight

Your garden has several interesting features that you can highlight with outdoor lighting. Find any close to the areas you need to light so you can bring attention to these features while also lighting up your path and landscape for visibility.


Choose Where To Place Your Light Fixtures

For pathways, you want your light fixtures placed along the sides. You can stake garden, path, or bollard lights on your lawn, or install in-ground lights on the pavement or beneath the steps. You can also install the light fixtures on the wall or fence if the path passes by it.

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