The Different Types of Signage Lighting You Can Use For Your Business

Everyone knows that signage lighting is crucial if you want to attract customers to your business 24/7. But, before you design and install one for your store, you should first know the different options you have for your business. After all, a well-lit and well-designed signage can add appeal to your storefront and make it look more professional.


Lightbox or cabinet lighting

Lightboxes have a simple box design making them the most affordable option for signage. The business’ information is printed on a translucent material and illuminated from the inside by LED or fluorescent lamps. Lightbox signs are noticeable during the day and night.


Push-through lettering

This type of signage has a similar shape to a lightbox. But, push-through signs have a more complicated construction. These are made by routing an aluminum casing with the letters or logo of the business. Then, an acrylic sheet is placed under the front aluminum layer before installing the lights behind the acrylic and closing the aluminum casing.


Front-lit channel signage

Front-lit channel signs use transparent panels and aluminum sheets to form three-dimensional shapes for the name or logo of the business. Like lightbox signs, LED or fluorescent lamps are inside it for illumination.


Reverse-lit lighting

Signs using this type of lighting are completely made of metal. The sign is three-dimensional with the sign’s letters, logos, and other design elements spaced individually apart for maximum effect of the recessed lighting behind it.


Externally lit signs

As the name implies, these use external sources of light to illuminate the sign. Although there are a variety of options for externally lighting a sign, signs using this approach always use ground or top light fixtures. In some instances, these are used together with recessed light fixtures behind the lettering or logo of the sign.


Neon sign

The classic look of the neon sign will never go away. Other signage types cannot imitate the bright, warm glow that a neon sign has. However, neon signs blink out when they are starting to burn out and they can be quite difficult to replace or repair.

One Last Consideration…

Except for neon signs, all of the signage types mentioned above can use either LEDs or fluorescent lamps. But, if you want to maximize the effect of any signage, LEDs should always be your first choice since it is just better with all things considered.

  • It provides a more vibrant light.
  • It lasts more than twice the useful life of fluorescent lights.
  • It costs less in the long term.
  • It is more energy efficient by 80 percent than fluorescent lights.
  • It does not generate heat, making it possible to clean even when it’s turned on.
  • It is thinner and less bulky so lightbox, push-through, and front-lit channel signs can be thinner.
  • It can provide visible light even in the daytime.

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