Why A Community Needs Proper HOA Lighting

Outdoor lights provide the visibility that is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of any place. This applies to your home, and it is probably why you already have an outdoor lighting system. Unfortunately, your efforts will still fall short in keeping your area safe and secure if the area outside your property does not have adequate lighting.

Addressing Common Concerns about Outdoor Lighting

Now, there will always be concerns from your HOA about these. After all, outdoor lights cost money to install, use, and maintain. But, with the mentioned benefits of HOA lighting, residents will more likely feel that the board is being proactive about the needs of their community.

Furthermore, there are solar-powered outdoor lights that can help manage the cost of the HOA’s utilities. And, with LED lights, there’s little maintenance needed aside from regular cleaning of the light fixtures.

As for light pollution and glare, this is not a concern for well-designed outdoor lighting systems. A contractor can install light fixtures with shielded lenses to prevent the light from shining into people’s windows and up to the sky. They can also use a lower color temperature to avoid lights from causing glare onto vehicle windshields.  So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor lighting and decoration needs.

Why A Community Needs Proper HOA Lighting


Crime Prevention

Dark places in the neighborhood are a breeding ground for crime. A resident coming home from work will not see a potential intruder or assaulter waiting for them in a dark place just outside their property. Properties along poorly lit streets have higher chances of being vandalized or broken into.


Fewer Accidents

Low visibility in an area increases the chances of someone getting into an accident. Someone could fall into an open drainage or excavation near a sidewalk or path if there’s poor visibility in the area.


Increased Property Values

Lighting has a significant effect on people’s moods and this is the same for outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights can improve the general ambiance in the community. And, with just good visibility, they are more likely to perceive the area as a safe one and more likely to place a higher value for properties in it.

Areas in the Community That Need Outdoor Lighting

You can do something about this. You can talk to the HOA for your neighborhood or planned community and tell them of the following benefits of outdoor lighting: 


Streets, sidewalks, paths, and stairways

There should be good visibility wherever there is foot traffic. These are places where accidents and crime are more likely to happen when it’s poorly lit.


Community spaces

It could be a playground, a park, a dog park, a common area, or a parking lot. Whatever these spaces are, there should be good visibility in the area either to make it usable even at nighttime or to deter criminal activities.


Parking lots

Vehicles are a target for theft, especially if it’s parked in a dark area. Lighting these up will discourage potential thieves from even trying to look around for a good target.

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