Make A Safer Home With This Front Porch Lighting Guide

Having enough visibility on your front porch is important for creating a safe and secure environment for your home. It helps you see anyone standing at the door and safely navigate the area. More importantly, adequate lighting can deter potential intruders and burglars from even thinking about approaching your home.

However, despite porch lighting being functional, this does not mean that you cannot have aesthetic considerations when choosing one for your home. With this guide, you can choose a porch light for your home that will make your home safer and more appealing at night.


This is the most important factor when choosing a porch light. It doesn’t matter if your porch light looks right or has the right style. If it does not have the right light, your porch would have poor visibility and your home is at greater risk of being broken into.

In general, your front porch lights should be at least 60 watts (10 watts LED equivalent). You might be able to use less or need more depending on the light fixture that you will use since the fixture’s distance from the porch will affect how much brightness is in the area.

As for the light’s color temperature, this depends on what your other outdoor lights have. As a rule, your outdoor lights, especially ambient lighting, should all have the same color temperature to avoid creating a disorganized look for your exterior.

Best Light Fixtures for the Front Porch


This is the most basic as you can get with any outdoor lighting and it will work well for your front porch. But, it does not have any visual appeal at all. So, if you want your front porch to look nice, do not use this for it.

Ceiling-mounted light fixtures

As the name implies, these are light fixtures attached directly to the ceiling above your front porch. Flush-mount fixtures, pendant lights, and recessed light fixtures are the best ceiling-mounted fixtures for your front porch.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are placed directly on the wall. It can be placed on one side or both sides of your front door. These are great for overall illumination and you will have no problems with the light casting shadows on the face of some at the door since it's right beside your door.

Post lights

Post lights are fixtures mounted on a post around your front porch. It can also function as a light along your entrance path. It is best to use the same post light if you already have an existing one for your entrance pathway.

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Being the main entryway, your front porch needs adequate lighting to maintain the safety and security of your home. And, hopefully, after reading this short guide, you will have no problems choosing the right light and fixtures to provide the visibility it needs.  So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor holiday lighting and decoration needs. 

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