10 Rules For Using Curb Appeal Lighting For A More Attractive Home

Outdoor lights are crucial for any property’s safety and security. But, you can also use outdoor lights to make it more attractive. Making such an effort will increase the value of your property and create the atmosphere you want for your home or business. But, before you start installing lights to increase the curb appeal of your home or business, read through this guide first so you can get better results from your investment.


Visualize how your home will look

Even before you start planning, you need to have an idea of how you want your home or commercial space to look with outdoor lights. Start with what you want to get from your lights in terms of decoration including the resulting look, the atmosphere, and the color temperature. Next, you need to identify the areas where you will apply these kinds of lighting.


Use different lighting techniques

Explore the different techniques to accent and decorate the exterior of the building with lights. You can make a quick search or consult an outdoor lighting designer on what techniques will go well for your building. And, do not limit yourself to a single approach. It is best to combine at least two to create more depth for the façade you are decorating.


Make use of ambient lighting

Even if your goal is to increase curb appeal, you will have the best results if you also make use of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting provides general illumination that gives a backdrop for what you are trying to accentuate. It also complements the accented features by giving the viewer enough visibility to know how it fits into the overall structure of the building.


Use outdoor LED lighting

Halogen and mercury vapor bulbs were the standards for outdoor lighting. But, LED technology has now surpassed it in terms of ease of use, longevity, and energy efficiency. There is no reason to use LED outdoor lighting if you want the most efficient system.


Do not use solar-powered lights

Solar-powered light fixtures cannot provide enough light for effective visibility. In terms of the price and brightness, it cannot compare to how much illumination electric light fixtures can provide to an area. It is also dependent on how much light it receives so your lights may not work properly after a cloudy or rainy day.


Limit your use of accent lighting

Accent lighting is meant to highlight or create interesting features. If you place it everywhere, the lights will fail to achieve their purpose. Instead, you will get a washed-out façade that blends the features with the wall or your lawn. Moreover, several accent lights on your property will create a nuisance for your neighbors with how much light pollution it emits.


Set the atmosphere with your lights

Outdoor lights have a great effect on setting the mood of your building’s façade. For example, if you want an inviting atmosphere, soft and layered lights can help you create that. If you want people to feel relaxed, you can bring extra attention to the plants and other natural features of your outdoor area with warm accent lighting.


Find ways to decorate with functional lighting

With the right light or fixtures, you can make functional lighting that also provides decorative effects. Wall lights are one example that provides the same function as overhead lights but gives a more appealing look. Another example is the use of downlighting for paths which creates a grazing effect on the texture of the pathway.


Follow outdoor lighting rules in your area

Most important of all, you need to follow the rules regarding outdoor lighting in your area. It is no use creating an appealing look if it causes you to get in trouble with the city inspectors or your neighborhood HOA.


Only work with professional outdoor lighting contractors

Always work with professionals. They have the training to safely install any electrical and lighting system necessary for your design. Moreover, they will know the best practices for your outdoor lighting in terms of safety, legality, and practicality.

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