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Clarksville was founded in 1784, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the state of Tennessee. Historic sites are located in and around the city, such as Fort Defiance, which was built during the American Civil War, and Port Royal, which was the location of one of the earliest European colonial communities in America.

The city of Clarksville is home to the Clarksville Blueway – a water trail system along Cumberland River, Red River, and Spring Creek. Residents and visitors of Clarksville can ride their canoe or kayak or enjoy the sights and sounds along the waterway.

Another attraction is Fort Campbell where the 101st Airborne Division and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment are based. Members of the army also volunteer their free time as members of Fort Campbell’s parachute demonstration team – the Screaming Eagles. They perform several parachute demonstrations every year in front of a viewing audience of at least 5,000 spectators for each performance. 

Clarksville, Tennessee, has a sparse suburban feel to it. And, with the city valuing its history and heritage, most outdoor lighting systems in the city use more subdued color temperatures and brightness. Instead of using outdoor lights to make a spectacle, lighting is used to complement and highlight interesting features of the architecture of the different buildings in the city.

We Design And Install Your Outdoor Lighting!

  • Residential and business outdoor lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Security and safety lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Garden and landscape lighting
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Holiday lighting
  • Colored lighting displays
  • Signage lighting
  • LED outdoor lighting

Why We Are Your Best Choice!


We are not amateurs. We have years of experience designing and installing outdoor lighting.

Licensed and insured

We are licensed contractors. You will never have anything to worry about if something goes wrong while we are working on your property.

Local company

We have dedicated several years to designing and installing outdoor lighting for residences, offices, commercial spaces, and public areas in Nashville, Clarksville, and nearby cities.


Our high-quality services and outdoor lighting fixtures are at a price you can afford.

Quality outdoor lighting services

Our customers are always satisfied with the results we deliver. We only install high-quality light fixtures and guarantee our service with a warranty.

How To Choose An Outdoor Lighting Contractor

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You want an outdoor lighting contractor that can prove they do great work. Ask them for references and see what others say online about their work.

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Licensed and insured

Do not hire unlicensed and uninsured contractors. You are placing your property and investment at risk in doing so.

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Hiring an experienced contractor gives you access to the wealth of knowledge and skill they accumulated through several years in the profession.

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Quality of work

Before hiring a contractor, you need to check their previous work. This will let you see if they can give you the results that you want from your outdoor lighting system.

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A warranty guarantees that you are paying for an outdoor lighting system free from defects or inferior work.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Lighting


There are three kinds of lighting – ambient, accent, and task. The best fixture depends on which of these you want the light fixture to provide.


The area that you brighten up will give you the choices and limitations as to what fixtures you can use. For example, if it is right next to a wall, you can use wall fixtures for lighting the area.


The outdoor light fixture should not exceed a third of the height of the window or door next to it. If it is on a post or fence, it should not exceed a quarter of the fencing or post's height.


The summers are humid and the winters are wet in Clarksville. Because of this, light fixtures with high corrosion resistance are the best for outdoor use.

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We are more than your average electrician who simply installs outdoor lighting for our customers. We are outdoor lighting specialists who can design an outdoor lighting system that makes your property more appealing, safer, and more secure. At Outdoor Lighting of Clarksville, we have solutions for your more general needs and the more seasonal ones that you need for the holidays. 

We provide our services to residential, commercial, and public spaces. We can install security lighting, ambient lighting, architectural lighting, holiday lighting, and more!

Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for the outdoor lighting of your building, outdoor area, or commercial space.

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