5 Garden and Landscaping Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The garden is becoming an extension of the indoor living space in today’s modern home. With these lighting ideas, you can make a bland garden or landscape into conversation starters when you have guests come over. And, you do not need to break the bank with these tips. All it takes is proper planning and implementation of tried and tested techniques.


Start With A Plan For Your Garden

Planning your garden lighting will help you create an outdoor lighting system that goes well with its different parts and surroundings. Start by walking around your garden and taking note of any outdoor seating areas and features to use as your focal points. If there are any slopes or level changes, these should be included in your plans for safety lighting.


Highlight Key Features In Your Garden

There will always be key features in your garden. It could be a tree, a seating area, a fountain, or a rock. Whatever these may be, use outdoor lighting to highlight these to take advantage of how different they can look at night.


Light Up Your Garden’s Water Features

Your garden’s water feature can look different at night with outdoor lighting. Light will not only illuminate the water and the structure of your water feature at night. It can also create silhouettes when light passes through falling water or when a fish swims over an underwater light.


Get Creative With Path Lights

Lighting paths might be one of the easiest items to tick off your list when designing your garden’s outdoor lighting. But, instead of simply relying on the general ambient lighting for your garden, think of ways to use lights to create a dramatic effect while making the paths safer.


Use Warm Lights For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces like your deck or patio are great places for relaxing and entertaining. You might think of using similar light in your indoor living spaces, which usually have cooler light temperatures. But, outdoor living and seating areas will be better with warmer lighting.

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