5 Outdoor Lighting Tips To Transform Your Deck At Night

Outdoor lights can give your deck a completely different look and atmosphere at night. From the vibrant atmosphere of the day, your deck can transform into a cozy and inviting place at nighttime with the right outdoor lighting. Here are some deck lighting tips to transform your outdoor space into the ultimate place for entertaining guests and relaxation.


Use Subtle Ambient Lighting For Your Deck

Discreet lighting helps create a more relaxing atmosphere for your deck than the bright and cooler lights of your home’s indoor living and dining areas. It creates an ideal atmosphere to wind down and socialize with your family or guests.


Have Both Kinds of Ambient Lighting Options For Your Deck

It is ideal to have subtle ambient lighting for your deck. But, there will always be a time, such as emergencies, when discreet lighting won’t provide the light you need. This is why you need both cool and warm ambient lighting for your deck.


Design Your Lights Based On A Focal Point

Flattering lighting for any space starts with designing the lights with the focal point in mind. For your deck, this could be a fire pit, a hot tub, a center table, or a decorative light fixture. Once you have identified the focal point, you will have an easier time planning and designing the outdoor lights of your deck.


Keep Your Deck Safe With Step Lighting

Stairs and step lighting are essential for any high-traffic area like your deck. Everyone can easily navigate through your deck’s steps to avoid any mishaps when everyone should be having a great time outdoors. You can use recessed in-ground lighting, under-step lighting, or under-railing lighting with warm diffused lights to complement your deck lighting.


Complement Your Deck Lighting With Garden and Landscape Lights

You do not want your deck to be the only area in your backyard with outdoor lighting. You need to have garden lights since it will not only make your backyard area safer but will also add more appeal to it. However, keep in mind that your plan for each area should complement the other.

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