A Short Buying Guide For Snowflake Lights for The Holidays

If you think of Christmas, your mind immediately associates it with snow. It does not matter if it snows in your area or not. You will somehow link the ideas of Christmas and snowflakes together. For this reason, snowflake lights are always a great addition to your holiday decorations, especially if you want to send a truly Christmas feel to those looking at your yard.

What Are The Available Snowflake Light Colors?

All types of snowflake lights come in warm white and cool white LEDs. If you want the look of incandescent lights on your snowflake decor, some manufacturers offer it as a lighting alternative to their rope light snowflake lights.

Aside from warm white and cool whites, large snowflake lights also variants with blue LEDs, warm and cool white LEDs, and blue and cool white LEDs. If you want to combine warm and cool white lights for your holiday decorations, warm and cool white snowflake lights can tie them together by having both lights in a single décor.

What Are The Different Snowflake Light Designs?

Large snowflake lights

Large snowflake lights usually measure 12 to 28 inches from tip to tip. These have a cord on top that can be hung from a beam, a tree, a window, or a roof. You can even place it on your lawn or porch standing up on its own or leaning against a shrub or a wall.

Snowflake string lights

Snowflake string lights have snowflake bulbs running throughout their length. These are available in varying snowflake LED sizes. You can use it to line your roof, hang it on a Christmas tree or a normal tree, decorate your shrubs, and hang it on your walls.

Snowflake icicle lights

These are just like your regular icicle lights. But, instead of standard-shaped LEDs, it has snowflake-shaped LEDs along its strands. These are great for hanging along your roof, from a tree, along railings, and under an arch.

Projector snowflake lights

Projector snowflake lights cast light through a rotating lens to project moving snowflake shapes on a wall or any other surface. The lens has a spherical shape so it can continuously project snowflake shapes on a surface.

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