A Short Shopping Guide for Snowfall Lights for Your Holiday Decorations

Snowfall lights are called such since their look is similar to falling snow. This is achieved with strands or tubes of small LEDs that flash in a downward ladder-like pattern to make it look as if illuminated snow is falling from the sky. Because of their flashing pattern, snowfall lights are also referred to as cascade lights.

How To Decorate With Snowfall Lights


Hang them high

Snowfall lights look best hanging from a tree, the roofline, or under an arch. It never looks good if you install it too low from the ground.  It should be at least above eye-level if you will hang it from a tree, you get the best effect by hanging snowfall lights all around and avoiding unlit spots


Secure attachment points at the outer side of your roofline

If you will hang it from a roof or an arch, make sure to install the attachment points for hanging the snowfall lights on the exterior side of the structure. Placing the attachment point under a ceiling or at the back of a beam will more likely block the upper portion of your lights.


Use zip ties to secure it on branches

Using zip ties is the easiest and most secure method to hang your snowfall lights on trees. And, when you are hanging them onto a branch, make sure to use at least two zip ties to secure each bulb by securing the cord on both sides of the bulb’s socket.


Start at a lower branch then go around before moving up

The best place to start hanging snowfall lights under a tree is on a lower branch. Then, you will place more as you go around to avoid any dark spots when it’s lit up at night. After this, you can go up and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the look you are creating.


Leave some slack in between each strand or tube

Do not secure the cord too tight in between sockets. There should be some slack for the cord to move with the branches when there’s wind blowing.


Decorate with other holiday lights

Using snowfall lights by itself will never give your yard a good look. Add some string lights, a lawn ornament, decorative ribbons and garlands, and holiday lawn lights to fill in the landscape with lights.

What Are The Different Snowfall Lights Available?

Snowfall string lights

Snowfall light strings have strands of small lens LEDs arranged in a ladder-like pattern. Several ladder-like strands run along a cord, which is strong enough to hold up the strand with proper support. The small LEDs and their wires are inside a clear casing to protect them from the elements and to support their shape.

Snowfall LED tube lights

Snowfall LED tube lights have a similar construction to snowfall lights strings and icicle lights. But, instead of strands hanging from the cord, tubes containing the electronics and the LEDs are hanging from it.

Snowfall LED tube bulbs

Snowfall LED tube bulbs need a light stringer to work unlike prelamped snowfall lights that come with its cord. This is a great choice if you want to save on storage, avoid buying a full set every time a bulb burns out, or want a light décor that you can completely customize.

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