Five Outdoor Lighting Upgrade Ideas for Your Backyard

If your outdoor lighting has already been in your yard for a few years, it’s time to consider giving it an upgrade. Here are some outdoor lighting upgrade ideas that do not need a major renovation.

What Multi-Colored Lights Can Do


Upgrade Your Outdoor Lights to LEDs

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, upgrading all your lights to LEDs is a must. LEDs consume a lot less electricity so you can save on your utility bill or increase the number of outdoor lights in your yard. And, you will also be saving on bulb replacements since LED bulbs last longer than traditional ones by a few years.


Decorate Your Outdoor Rooms With Lights

If your outdoor rooms still do not have lights, it is time to get on with the times and make them livable even during nighttime. Patios, decks, pergolas, and other outdoor living spaces now have outdoor lights so homeowners can still use them even at night.


Add Appeal To Your Pathway Lights

Ambient lighting for your yard is essential to keep people safe moving about the area. But, even though the light from your entryways or a floodlight gives enough light for safe navigation, you can do so much more with outdoor lights. For example, you can install bollard lights or garden pathway lights for your walkways


Use Ornamental Light Fixtures For Your Yard

Not all lights in well-designed outdoor lighting systems are there to provide ambient lighting. In some cases, they are there just to add character to a space. This is what an ornamental light fixture can do for your yard.


Create a Versatile Outdoor Living Space With String Lights

String lights are not just for the holidays. You can also use it all year round for accent lighting and for setting the mood in your outdoor living area. They can make your spaces more versatile by combining them with other lights.

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