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As a Nashville resident, you likely enjoy spending time outdoors in your backyard, whether on the deck or patio. However, when dusk settles in, these areas can become dark and uninviting without proper outdoor lighting.

Malfunctioning or broken lighting fixtures can also leave your outdoor areas shrouded in darkness. But there’s no need to leave your outdoor oasis stuck in the dark. With the help of a knowledgeable outdoor lighting repair company, you can get your lighting back up and running.

Our team of experienced outdoor lighting repair technicians can troubleshoot any issues with your existing lighting fixtures, whether they are mounted lights, spotlights, landscape lighting, or other outdoor illumination. We have the skills to repair wiring, replace broken bulbs, fix damaged fixtures, and get your lighting operational once again.

Schedule a free consultation today with our team of professional outdoor lighting repair technicians to get your fixtures shining brightly!

Why Choose Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems

When it comes to installing and designing your outdoor lighting in Nashville, it pays to hire a professional local company you can trust. Here are a few key reasons why we’re the best choice for bringing your outdoor vision to life:

Expertise and Local Knowledge

Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems also brings over a decade of specialized experience enhancing outdoor spaces in Franklin. Our intimate knowledge of local conditions ensures we design an ideal lighting solution tailored to your property.
We consider all the unique factors – from soil composition to weather patterns – that allow us to select fixtures and placements that beautifully transform your yard. Our expertise stems from years of navigating Franklin’s codes, climate, and landscapes.
You benefit from our mastery of the following:

Premium Quality Materials

At Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems, we exclusively install high-end lighting from trusted brands to deliver unmatched performance and longevity.
Our fixtures utilize energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs and are made of premium materials designed to withstand Franklin’s climate.
We Choose Quality for:

Customized Solutions

Your outdoor landscape deserves a lighting design as unique as you are. At Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems, we take the time to understand your personal vision to create fully customized lighting crafted just for you.
Our Tailored Process Includes:

Advantages of Having Outdoor Lighting

Beyond just looking beautiful, outdoor lighting also provides some great practical benefits. Here are a few of the top reasons it’s worth investing in professional lighting for your yard and outdoor living spaces:


Enjoy your space after dark

Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems lets you enjoy your exterior spaces long into the evening. Quality lighting transforms your patio, deck, garden, and more to extend your outdoor living hours after sunset.


Enhance ambiance

Strategic lighting design enhances ambiance to establish the perfect mood for relaxation or entertaining in your newly created oasis.


Keep walkways and entrances illuminated

Lighting serves practical needs as well, keeping walkways, entrances, and navigation areas illuminated for safety and security at night.


Show off landscaping features

Showcasing your home’s best architectural elements and landscaping features draws the eye to beautiful design details.


Increase security

Security lighting deters crime and boosts safety around your home.


Boost curb appeal

Curb appeal and a welcoming atmosphere start with illuminated trees, pathways, and architectural facets that impress visitors.


Simplify maintenance

Simplify lighting maintenance with automated smart home technology like sensors, timers, and controls. Enjoy the ambiance without the hassle.

Common Types of Outdoor Lights

Low-level lights that illuminate walkways and paths. They create visibility and ambiance.
Powerful lights that flood an area with bright illumination. Often used for security or spotlighting architectural features.
Low lights built into steps that make them visible and safe at night.
Low-voltage lights built or mounted around decks to illuminate them for evening use.
Lights recessed into the ground to uplight trees, walls, or other landscape elements.
Directional lighting pointed at architectural or landscaping features to highlight them.
Lights mounted atop posts or pillars to illuminate driveways, walkways, or entries.
Adjustable luminaires that direct a narrow, focused beam of light onto a specific object or area.
Decorative fixtures that distribute wide, ambient light. Used along paths or mounted to walls.
Festive lights hung overhead to create a twinkling canopy effect. Fun for parties.
Self-contained, solar-powered fixtures requiring no wiring. Easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Outdoor Lighting Repairs

We’ve completed tons of outdoor lighting projects at homes here in Franklin. We’d be happy to provide references and show you photos of some of our past work so you can get a feel for our design capabilities. Just let us know if you’d like us to send over a portfolio.
For our Franklin customers, we provide comprehensive maintenance plans that include regular inspections, bulb replacement, fixture cleaning, and responding to any issues that come up. We want to keep your lighting looking its best and ensure it works flawlessly for years to come.
We know that lighting needs vary based on your home’s size and layout. That’s why we offer tailored lighting design packages for properties of all shapes and sizes – from cozy courtyards to sprawling estates. We’ll put together a customized quote with fixtures and placement strategically picked for your unique outdoor space.
We love partnering with other Franklin pros! Working with your landscaper, designer, or architect allows us to create a cohesive look for your entire exterior space. We’ll collaborate with them to complement other elements like plantings, hardscapes, and architecture. Just let us know who you’re working with, and we’ll coordinate lighting plans.
With quality materials and proper maintenance, you can expect your lighting system to last for many years. Most customers enjoy their lighting for a decade or more! We use durable fixtures designed to withstand the elements so you get long-lasting illumination.
We offer outdoor lighting with advanced smart controls that can be programmed, automated, and voice-controlled. That way, you can easily customize when your lights turn on and off. Smart lighting gives you tons of options for convenience and energy savings. Just let us know if you’re interested in smart capabilities.
If you’re in Franklin, we’ll come out and walk your property to discuss your vision and assess your lighting needs. We’ll take measurements, note key features, and gather your input. Afterward, we’ll put together a custom proposal detailing fixture types, placement, controls, and more based on your exact needs.

Update Your Outdoor Lighting in Franklin, TN, Today!

If you’re checking out our outdoor lighting services, you’re ready to take your Franklin home’s curb appeal and backyard enjoyment to the next level once the sun goes down.

We’d love to create a custom lighting plan tailored to your home’s unique layout and style. Additionally, if you have commercial properties in need of lighting solutions, our expert team specializes in commercial lighting services tailored to enhance the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of your business premises. 

Together, we’ll accent your landscaping just right, boost security, and extend those evening hangouts exactly the way you envisioned.Throughout the design process, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page every step of the way. Our team handles the entire installation using only top-notch lighting materials so you can relax and focus on enjoying your new favorite space!

Give us a call anytime to schedule your free design consultation. We can’t wait to hear your vision and shed some light on your perfect outdoor oasis!

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