Landscape Lighting in Nashville, TN

Have you ever looked out into your Nashville yard when the sun went down and felt like something was missing? Does your outdoor space seem to lose its magic and appeal after dark?
You’re not alone. Many Nashville homeowners struggle to make the most of their landscapes once dusk settles in.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right landscape lighting design and installation from a professional Nashville company, your yard can shine just as brightly at night as it does during the day.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems for Your Landscape Lighting


Artistry & Expertise

First and foremost is the breathtaking artistry and expertise you gain access to. The difference between amateur DIY lighting attempts and designs crafted by professionals is like night and day.
Our skilled landscape lighting experts possess an incredible blend of creative vision and technical know-how. We’re able to look at your yard and see endless lighting possibilities.
Our designs highlight and enhance the architecture, foliage, and features that make your landscape special. The result is a custom lighting palette that illuminates and transforms your exterior space into a nocturnal wonderland.


Custom Solutions

In addition to breathtaking designs, you’ll also enjoy completely customized lighting solutions. Our outstanding lighting designers understand that every yard is unique. What works for your neighbor’s landscape likely won’t fit yours.
Our team takes the time to assess your exterior space and listen to your vision for how you’d like it to look. Then, we craft completely personalized lighting plans to match your home’s distinct personality and architecture so it feels like your lighting was made just for you.


Reliability & Durability

The quality of professional lighting ensures that your investment will last. Lighting installed by the best Nashville pros uses durable, long-lasting fixtures built to withstand Nashville’s climate. You won’t have to deal with shoddy DIY products that fail after a couple of seasons.
And since professional lighting is designed to be low maintenance, you won’t have to repair and replace components constantly. The lighting enhances your landscape year after year with minimal upkeep required.

Services We Provide

Frequently Asked Questions About our Nashville Lighting in Nashville, TN

One of our missions is to bring energy-efficient lights to homes and businesses all across the Nashville area. Our lighting systems use long-lasting, low-voltage LED bulbs that sip energy compared to old-school options—saving you money while benefitting the planet.
We offer cutting-edge smart controls to automate and program your lighting. Set schedules and adjust colors and brightness, all from an intuitive app on your phone!
Absolutely! We love collaborating with other professionals to create a cohesive vision. Our team is happy to work with your landscape architect or designer at any stage of a project.
Our lighting installation in Nashville usually takes 1-3 days, depending on size and scope. We work efficiently to transform your yard’s lighting with minimal disruption to your home or landscaping.
We stand behind our work 100%. Our lighting solutions and installation come with manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years, plus our customer satisfaction guarantee.
Nashville weather can be wild, but our lighting thrives through it all. Our fixtures are weatherproof and built to handle Music City’s heat, rain, snow, and everything in between. We’ve got you covered year-round!
Our modular lighting systems are designed for flexibility. As your landscape evolves, we can seamlessly add, adapt, or re-configure lighting to match. Updating and expanding your lighting is a breeze.
We meticulously place lighting to accentuate plants, trees, architecture, and your yard’s unique features. Illuminating your landscape’s natural personality is our specialty!
Installation is neat, quick, and minimally invasive. We take great care to protect your landscaping during the process and make patch repairs if needed.
We provide responsive service if needed for troubleshooting or maintenance. Your satisfaction is our top priority before and after your project.

Upgrade Your Landscape Lighting in Nashville, TN

Are you ready to work with the best landscape lighting installers in Nashville? Contact Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems to schedule a free estimate or consultation.

Our skilled and experienced team will help you turn your exterior lighting dreams into a reality. Once the sun sets, prepare to look on in awe as your landscape is transformed with Nashville Outdoor Lighting Systems.

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