A Guide For Buying And Installing Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are a great way to add a different pattern to your holiday decorations since it is only one of the few Christmas lights meant to hang their light downwards. It can make your home look as if fairy lights are falling from your roofline or actual icicles are forming on it even if you are in the middle of Tennessee. And, with the different options in color and light temperature it offers, you can find something that will fit right in with the rest of your decorations.

Considerations Before Hanging Your Lights

Before you fix the attachment points and install your icicle lights, make sure that you install them where they will not obstruct the view of your other holiday decorations. To make sure there’s no obstruction, there should be no other decorations behind the icicle lights below 18 inches of their point of attachment.

You also need to plan how you will connect the light to an outlet. Lastly, you need to decide how you will switch these on or off – will it be a timer, an extension with a switch, or a simple power cord you can unplug?

Once you have decided on these factors, you can start deciding on how you will hang your icicle lights.

Different Types of Icicle Lights


Icicle string lights

Icicle string lights or curtain-style lights are similar to how standard string lights with minuscule LEDs look. Most would say that it does not look like a real icicle. But, it could be a good option for those who simply want lights cascading from their roofline or tree.


Icicle meteor shower lights

Icicle meteor shower lights have a closer look to actual icicles due to their solid construction. The LEDs are inside a plastic cylinder-shaped like an icicle or a simple rod. Because of the lack of strands, you will have no problems with tangles when taking them out of storage.


Solar-powered icicle lights

Both icicle string lights and icicle meteor shower lights have solar-powered variants. These are best when you will place the icicle lights on a tree and using an extension cord is both difficult and unsafe.

How to Hang Icicle Lights At Your Home

You have three options for hanging your icicle lights – glue, hooks, and shingle clips.

With glue

Glue is the simplest way to hang your icicle lights but it is also the most damaging to the attachment point. Just apply on the surface, attach the light, and wait for it to dry.

With hooks

Hooks require it to be screwed into the wood. You can easily remove the lights from it when the holidays are over and install it again next year since the hook is already a permanent fixture on your trim. However, it will leave a mark should you remove it or change the arrangement of your icicle lights.

With gutter/shingle clips

Gutter or shingle clips are temporary fixtures that you can use to hang your icicle lights from the gutter or under the shingles. This method provides the best effect since it makes the icicle lights look as if it's dripping from your roof just like how a real icicle would do.

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Icicle lights can make your holiday lighting decorations look dynamic. And, with the different options it has, you will find one that fits right into your holiday theme.  So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor holiday lighting and decoration needs.

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