5 Design Tips For Beautiful Festive Yard Displays For The Holidays

Nothing says the holidays are coming than the rush for preparing the decorations for your home. And, if you want to make an impression with your holiday decorations, there is no better way to do so than making a festive yard display at the front of your house. Here are some tips to make one that will impress the neighborhood:


Take a photo of your yard and plan your decorations

Use this photo to identify areas that you want to decorate. Then, go online and search for festive yard display ideas. Look for fixtures and ornaments that you like and that will suit the areas you identified. You can then go back to the photo and visualize or sketch how you would use what you found to decorate your yard in a unique way.


Create a main focal point for your holiday display

The best festive yard displays have more than just lights and ornaments adorning their yard, roofs, and window. They use a main focal point on their front lawn as a main attraction. This gives their display a more planned look, especially if they use the main attraction as the basis for their whole decoration.


Start small if you are new to creating a yard display for the holidays

If this is your first time decorating your home with something as elaborate as a festive yard display, you need to start small. Start with only two or three areas or features in your front yard that you will decorate. It could be your lawn, the border, the shrubs, your trees, or your porch.


Decorate your trees and shrubs for the holidays

The Christmas tree and decorative garlands have always been traditional holiday decorations. And, you can bring this look to your holiday yard display by decorating the trees and shrubs in your yard. This not only gives your display a classic touch. But, also, the natural shapes accentuated by the lights prevent your display from looking too linear and structured.


Use small ornaments to add something different to your display

There’s nothing wrong with only using holiday lights for your decoration. However, you can create a more elaborate design by adding just a few Christmas ornaments to it. It does not even have to be large ornaments that will turn the heads of those passing by.

Do You Need Help Making Your Dream Yard Display A Reality?

Designing your festive yard display is one thing. But, making it happen is another. You will need to account for the technical details involved like the right brightness for your holiday lighting, the best brands for your fixtures, or the necessary wiring for the lights.

With our help, you only need to think about the design and we will take care of the rest. We can even suggest additional details like audio synchronized lights and outdoor lighting effects. So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor holiday lighting and decoration needs.

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