Five Creative Ways To Use Outdoor String Lights All-Year

Festive string lighting is a great decorative lighting accessory for any outdoor space. A single-string light can decorate and illuminate a considerable area. And, with just some nails and a ladder, you can place it anywhere to decorate your home. Here are some ways you can use string lights for your home outdoors.


Use as accent lights for festivities.

When you see fairy lights, you immediately think of festivities. So, aside from the holidays, you have to take it out and put it on your deck or patio when you have people coming over for a party. It gives any outdoor living space the festive atmosphere it needs for your gathering at home to be a success.


Use it as ambient lighting for an intimate atmosphere

Although it only provides subtle lighting, this does not mean that you cannot use festive string lights for ambient lighting. Sure, unless you have several string lights for an area, it cannot compare to what actual ambient lights can provide. But, it works great for ambient lighting if you want a mellower and laid-back atmosphere outdoors.


Use it to highlight a space, furniture, or design feature

If you are hanging string lighting for a party, you might as well use it to draw attention to a feature in your outdoor living area. You can use it to highlight a sculpture, a prized antique, handmade furniture, or whatever space or item you want people to notice when they come over.


Use it as a decorative piece.

If you have a bare wall, fill the space with string lighting by zigzagging it on its surface. You will fill the empty spot with something more interesting while also adding illumination and character to the area.


Create a visual boundary between different areas

Your whole backyard might seem like one single area. But, it consists of several different spaces. It has a garden, a patio, an entryway, pathways, a deck, and more. You can define the boundaries of one or all of these areas by lining up their perimeter with string lighting.


String lights provide you with the convenience of outdoor lighting decoration without committing to the look. And, with the several ways you can use it, you will have at least one way to use festive string lighting to decorate your backyard. Then, once you are done with it, it only takes a bit of time to return your deck, patio, or garden to its original look.

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