How Colored Lighting Display Can Transform Your Outdoor Look

Have you ever wondered if a structure can have something similar to the Empire State Building’s Tower Lights?

Well, you can by using a lighting application known as colored lighting display. It uses multi-colored LED floodlights controlled by a single control panel to create the desired light to shine on the building’s exterior. It can light up a medium-sized building, a skyscraper, a monument, bridges, and other types of medium to large architectural structures with a single color or a combination of colors. 

Do You Need Help Making Your Dream Yard Display A Reality?

Designing your festive yard display is one thing. But, making it happen is another. You will need to account for the technical details involved like the right brightness for your holiday lighting, the best brands for your fixtures, or the necessary wiring for the lights.

With our help, you only need to think about the design and we will take care of the rest. We can even suggest additional details like audio synchronized lights and outdoor lighting effects. So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor holiday lighting and decoration needs.

What Multi-Colored Lights Can Do


Highlight architectural features

Aside from shining various colors, it can also be set to the various whites ideal for accent lighting. This is why you will find that most structures using these lights also make use of them for highlighting their architectural features.


Make the wall its canvas

Interesting structural features are not a requirement for using multi-color lights. A blank white wall can serve as the canvas for it and create several design variations without having to repaint the building. A building can have its wall light up with one color one day and a combination of colors for the next.


Transform the look outdoors

Lights can change how people see a wall or a space. Shining a light with hot colors will give the building’s façade an invigorating look. Alternatively, shining cool colors on it will give it a soothing feel.


Decoration for the festivities

Multi-colored outdoor lights make decorating for the festivities easy. There’s no need to install anything. It’s just a few presses on the control panel and the building is decorated for the celebration. It can easily switch from its standard color to purple, green, and gold for Mardi Gras in February, to red, white, and blue for the fourth of July, or to red, green, and warm yellow for the holidays.


Make a statement

Colored lighting displays are a great way to make a statement. It could be for the local or national sports team, a country, or a cause. The colors associated with them can adorn the exterior of the building with colored lights to express the city or an organization’s support for them.

What Light Fixtures Are Best For Colored Lighting Displays

Multi-colored LED floodlights are the only light fixtures that can make colored lighting displays a possibility. The available colors would depend on the model and the manufacturer. Colors can range from as little as 16 colors up to 16 million colors. Most fixtures also have different flashing modes that can add variations to the design of the colored display. Placement options include traditional holders, spike stands, and floor stands.

How Much Wattage Is The Best For Colored Lighting Displays

LED RGB bulbs used in multi-colored floodlights are available from 6 watts to 100 watts. Higher wattages are equivalent to a brighter light from the LED bulb. How much a display needs depends on the height of the structure that will be used for it. As to how many watts are best for a colored display, it depends on the size of the structure that will be used for it. Therefore, it is best to consult an outdoor lighting contractor specializing in colored lighting displays to determine how bright your multi-colored flood light should be.

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