Best Fixtures for Arbor Lighting

Your arbor adds charm to your landscaping. With vines climbing on it, it also adds a natural yet structured look to it that makes the greenery in your yard look more dynamic. And, with the right lighting at nighttime, you can transform this look into something fantastical that even you wouldn’t believe that it’s part of your garden. So, read on and find out the best light fixtures to create this transformation with arbor lighting.



Spotlights should be your immediate go-to for arbor lighting. It is great for uplighting it from the sides to illuminate the natural features of the vines, leaves, and flowers on it.


String lights

If you will use it to light the arbor, you will more likely get better results with smaller bulbs since these will not obstruct the view of the plants or disrupt the shape of the structure. However, you should only use LED bulbs since incandescent bulbs can get hot and could burn your plants or cause a fire.


Icicle curtain lights

You can create a whimsical look for your arbor by placing icicle curtain lights on its arch. It also adds a different kind of accent to the arbor since the lights are hanging off the structure instead of shining a light on it or climbing through it.


Rope lights

Rope lights can give your arbor additional depth by lining it along the outer edges of the structure. It creates added definition by creating an illuminated outline on the arbor. And, with its soft glow, the light does not feel out of place and blends in well with your other outdoor lights.


Decorative lanterns

You can hang a decorative lantern under the arch of your arbor to give it a festive look. It also adds a feature to your arbor that gives it a special look for the occasion.


Path lights

Even though it’s a basic fixture for a yard, path lights can add something to the overall aesthetic of your arbor. Aside from illuminating the path, it lights up and highlights the natural textures of the path and the bordering gravel or grass along with it.

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Lighting up your arbor will make you realize how good lighting can create a completely new look for your garden. You can even add more lights for the occasion to refresh its look for just one night. And, best of all, there’s no need for a major remodel of your backyard. You only need some lights and good design choices to achieve it.  So, contact us today to get a free estimate for your outdoor lighting and decoration needs.

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